Outstanding professional

“Christina was recommended to us by our pediatrician at our son’s 12 month well visit for

feeding therapy. Our son, James, had completely stopped eating solid food, would throw big

temper tantrums if we tried to put him in his highchair and refused to self-feed. Christina’s

professionalism and competence were clear from James’ initial evaluation. Christina was able to

create a great rapport with James and he gradually became more and more comfortable with

her and responsive to the therapy sessions. We started working with Christina twice a week and

as James progressed, we went down to once a week until he was discharged. The progress under

her expert guidance was truly remarkable – James started eating a variety of foods, self-feeding

and going in his high-chair of his own volition. Christina provided us with lots of support outside

of the therapy sessions as well, she was always extremely responsive via email and gave us many

suggestions we successfully implemented with James. Christina is an outstanding professional

and a pleasure to work with, she truly cares about her patients and is very committed to their

success. I cannot say enough positive things about Christina and James’ progress – as a first-time

parent, I had no idea how to deal with his challenges and I am so glad we engaged Christina to

help us when we did.”