Christina Samaha Speech-Language & Feeding Therapy provides private
in-person and virtual services in the following areas:

Little girl playing memory games
Little boy at the Speech-Language therapist's clinic
Little baby eating

Feeding & Swallowing

Does your child only eat one color or specific textured foods? There are a variety of reasons a person may avoid certain foods, textures, and flavors. The primary goal of feeding and swallow therapy is to provide optimal nutrition and hydration to allow the child to grow and develop with their peers while making mealtime a pleasurable experience for the entire family.

Expressive & Receptive Language Delays

Does your child have a limited vocabulary? Are they not yet using verbal speech? We help children understand and process language in a more developmentally appropriate way as well as help children effectively communicate through verbal and written expression.

Articulation & Phonological Disorders

Are you having difficulty understanding what your child is saying? The way we produce sounds has a large impact on our confidence and how others understand what we want to say. Articulation difficulties manifest as sound errors through production of individualized speech sounds. Phonological issues are predictable, rule-based errors that affect more than one sound.

Pragmatics & Social Skills

Does your child have difficulty navigating social interactions or playing with others? Social communication skills include perspective taking, changing and identifying tone of voice and intonation, and the ability to understand and use the rules for verbal and non-verbal communication.

Executive function

Does your child have difficulty remembering to bring home books and completing their assignments? Are they easily distracted, have an unorganized space, and require frequent redirection back to task? Executive functioning refers to the cognitive skills responsible for attention, organization, planning, time management, emotional regulation, and task initiation.

And more:


A comprehensive speech/language evaluation is conducted when your child has not yet been diagnosed or treated with a communication difficulty. Evaluations are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and take place in your home. They consist of a combination of parent interviews, informal observation, and formal standardized testing to address speech, language, and feeding skills. Feeding evaluations consist of parent interviews and observing your child eating a variety of foods during a meal or snack time. We also ask parents to complete a questionnaire that will help determine your greatest areas of concern. A full written report will then be provided detailing observations, whether therapy is warranted at this time, as well as treatment plans and strategies for caregivers to use to promote further speech/language and feeding development at home.


Should individual therapy be our recommendation, we provide one-on-one services in your home. Sessions may vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your child's age and needs. The appropriate length and number of sessions per week will be discussed after the evaluation. All sessions are planned around your child’s individual communication goals and interests. Sessions will address your child's long-term and short-term developmental goals which will be discussed with you following the evaluation.


Intended for parents and other caregivers. Coaching is great for first time parents who want to learn how to better implement speech, language and feeding goals at home. We will help you teach your child age-appropriate language, feeding and play skills.


Virtual sessions from the comfort and safety of your own home. Sessions may vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your child's age and needs. No need to worry about having the right toys or materials! Christina will provide you with a list prior to each session and/or utilize what you already have in your home to help reach your child's goals.

Little boy with Speech-Language Therapist
Little asian girl playing with different paint colors on her hand
Speech-Language therapist with little boy

Does my insurance cover these services?

We are a private pay practice; however, we do provide invoicing/billing and other documentation needed to submit to your insurance company through out-of-network for reimbursement.
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