Christina Samaha

Speech-Language & Feeding Therapy

Proudly supporting children to become confident communicators and future foodies

Speech-Language & Feeding Therapy

Christina Samaha Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy is a boutique private practice that prides itself on providing the highest quality of services for children and young adults in the Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, and Westchester areas. Christina provides consultations, speech/language therapy, feeding therapy, play therapy, and parent/caregiver coaching. She works with families to develop individualized treatment plans based on your child’s unique strengths, interests, and family style.



Our therapy is...

  • Child-centered
  • Play-based
  • Focused on your child’s interests
  • Evidence based
  • Tailored to your child’s strengths,
    communication, and feeding goals
  • Collaborative

Meet Our Services

Christina Samaha Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy provides private in-person and virtual services in the following areas

Feeding And Swallowing Therapy from Christina Samaha

Feeding & Swallowing

Does your child only eat one color or specific textured foods? There are a variety of reasons a person may avoid certain foods, textures, and flavors. The primary goal of feeding and swallow therapy is to provide optimal nutrition and hydration to allow the child to grow and develop with their peers while making mealtime a pleasurable experience for the entire family.

Expressive And Receptive Language Delays Therapy from Christina Samaha

Expressive & Receptive Language Delays

Does your child have a limited vocabulary? Are they not yet using verbal speech? We help children understand and process language in a more developmentally appropriate way as well as help children effectively communicate through verbal and written expression.

Articulation And Phonological Disorders Therapy from Christina Samaha

Articulation & Phonological Disorders

Are you having difficulty understanding what your child is saying? The way we produce sounds has a large impact on our confidence and how others understand what we want to say. Articulation difficulties manifest as sound errors through production of individualized speech sounds. Phonological issues are predictable, rule-based errors that affect more than one sound.

Pragmatics And Social Skills Therapy from Christina Samaha

Pragmatics & Social Skills

Does your child have difficulty navigating social interactions or playing with others? Social communication skills include perspective taking, changing and identifying tone of voice and intonation, and the ability to understand and use the rules for verbal and non-verbal communication.

Executive Function Therapy from Christina Samaha

Executive Function

Does your child have difficulty remembering to bring home books and completing their assignments? Are they easily distracted, have an unorganized space, and require frequent redirection back to task? Executive functioning refers to the cognitive skills responsible for attention, organization, planning, time management, emotional regulation, and task initiation.


What our clients say

Does my insurance cover these services?

We are a private pay practice; however, we do provide invoicing/billing and other documentation needed to submit to your insurance company through out-of-network for reimbursement.

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